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Quest's Reward Mystery Dice Sharp Resin D20

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Quest's Reward Mystery Sharp Resin D20, random 5 colors, Opal, Pink, Blue, Purple and Black, packed in a Sealed Purple box. Wanna get some surprise? Try it!

SKU: HY00214

This is our funny Mystery D20 project, we split all D20s into 4 sealed different colors boxes, Red, Purple, Blue and Gold. All D20s are from HYMGHO catalog, you will never know which die you will pick until open it!

Red box: Mystery Gemstone D20, available in 10 different stones

Blue box: Mystery Solid metal D20, available in more than 20 different dies.

Purple box: Mystery Sharp Resin D20, available in 5 different colors.

Gold box: Mystery Hollow metal D20, available in more than 15 different dies

You can also choose the design packed by our standard box with window. But who wouldn’t want a surprise? Just try it!


All our RPG dice sets come with a protective case.

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